Where is Barnes?

Not only is Lt. Gov. Barnes hiding his track record supporting tax hikes, the socialist Green New Deal, and anti-law enforcement positions like Abolishing ICE and defunding the police, he’s also hiding from Wisconsin exactly how bad his abuse of taxpayer funded security has been. 

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Barnes has had taxpayers pick up the bill for more than $600,000, including $2,000 in costs for State Patrol to take him out of state for fun runs and that he took security with him to a concert, church and even for a Zoom meeting he had at home.

But we’ve got his calendar and there’s a lot of other dates blacked out that he doesn’t want you to know about — click here to check it out.

So dig in… Did you pay for Lt. Gov. to go to a Bucks or Brewers game? More concerts? Other out of state marathons? 

If you think you’ve found a match between his calendar and an event, pictures, news articles, send it along to [email protected]. We’ll send along a gift as a thank you for any information you can provide.