Mandela Barnes on the Economy

At 8.5% in the month of July, inflation is through the roof, sending prices higher and higher for families and seniors. Our economy is in a recession. And Democrats like Mandela Barnes support raising taxes on almost all Americans and spending trillions more on job-killing policies like the Green New Deal. If you’re struggling to fill up your car with gas because of the pain at the pump, the Democrats answer is to just buy an electric car. 

This didn’t happen by accident. After all, Mandela Barnes has said he wants to “stymie capitalism.

In fact, Barnes expressed his excitement about President Biden’s economic plans that led us to this crisis, calling it “an incredible opportunity for the state of Wisconsin. … Wisconsin is going to be in the driver seat for changing the way our economy functions.”

Joe Biden sure has changed the way our economy functions, but don’t expect too many Wisconsinites to think that tax hikes on top of record high gas prices, sky-high inflation, and a recession are an incredible opportunity.