Get the Facts: My Wealth

When is the last time you heard the media attack a Democrat politician for starting a successful business? It’s only a problem when it’s a Republican they don’t like. I don’t apologize for my success. I worked hard to realize the American dream, and I continue to work hard as your Senator so others have every opportunity to do so.  

To counter the lies, distortions, and smears from liberals such as this one, I am launching a website that will give people the truth: This website will be a forum for me to provide you with detailed facts, cutting through the political rhetoric and arming you with real information.  

In today’s installment, I discuss one of the main attacks that Democrats and their allies are pressing against me, claiming that my net worth doubled since becoming Senator.  Let’s examine that smear.  

Since I joined the Senate, the S&P 500 Index has increased 3.8 times in value – from 1,258 on 12/31/2010 to 4,766 on 12/31/2021. Let me repeat that. The S&P 500 increased 3.8 times in value.  During that same period, my net worth doubled. Are Democrats attacking me for dramatically underperforming the market?  Are they criticizing me for being a bad investor?   

The reason I’ve underperformed the market by such a wide margin is that when I was elected, I sold all my marketable securities and converted them into cash. I did that to prevent even the appearance of a conflict of interest. Who among those attacking me can claim the same? I have never traded individual stocks as a U.S. Senator, and I never will. But that doesn’t prevent Democrats and the media from smearing me anyway.  

I do have other assets – like my ownership interest in PACUR, the manufacturing company I helped start, and my wife’s investment in a stock index fund – that have increased in value over my time in the Senate.  When I sold my interest in PACUR, I kept the proceeds from the sale in cash as well, fully aware that the stock market was at a low point and the smart move would have been to invest the proceeds in the market. But I didn’t.

Democrats and their allies in the media constantly engage in class warfare. They don’t have a clue as to what made America great. They believe a larger, more intrusive government is the answer to all our problems. They are dead wrong. Their out-of-control deficit spending has sparked the highest inflation rate in over forty years – 7.5%. Inflation is wiping out the wage gains of hard-working Americans and doing great harm to seniors on a fixed income.  Inflation is the Democrat tax on the middle class.

I know what made America great. Individuals like you. Working hard every day, using the freedom this great country offers to dream and aspire, to build and create this marvel we call America. Success shouldn’t be attacked and denigrated. Success should be celebrated and encouraged.  

Dishonest attacks and the politics of personal destruction are all Democrats have. They can’t defend the disastrous results of their policies. Unfortunately, the politics of personal destruction can be very effective if not responded to. That’s where I need your help.

I hope you not only read the information I will be providing, but also share these facts with your family and friends. Our nation is in peril because of the dishonesty and political agenda of the radical left.  Our primary weapon must be the truth. I would appreciate any help you are willing to provide by donating here.

Fighting for freedom,

Ron Johnson