Get the Facts: My Accomplishments for Wisconsin

Recently, one of my potential Democrat challengers for this Wisconsin U.S. Senate seat was asked to name some of his accomplishments. He was completely flummoxed by the question and could not name one. My guess is that will be the case for whoever the Democrats choose to be their nominee. One thing you can be sure of though, is that whoever Democrats choose, that person will be a reliable vote for the radical left agenda being imposed on America today.  

In stark contrast, I have a lifetime of achievements both before and during my time as Wisconsin’s U.S. Senator. The foundation for my success is that I was blessed to have two loving parents who raised me in faith and instilled a strong work ethic in me. I was taught that all work had value, and that one of the greatest compliments you could ever give a person – no matter what their occupation – was they were a hard worker.  

I was also blessed to meet and marry my wife of 44 years, Jane, and raise three wonderful children who have now further blessed us with 4 wonderful grandchildren. Having a loving marriage and raising a great family is a significant accomplishment in life, and as a result, I already consider my life a huge success.   

But my accomplishments don’t end there. While raising my family, I was fortunate to be involved for 30 years in the private sector building a manufacturing business. During those 30 years, I created jobs in Wisconsin and gained valuable experience in, knowledge of, and sympathy for the private sector. I also learned a great deal about the free enterprise competitive system and the harm big government does to entrepreneurship and economic progress. That experience, which is somewhat rare in Washington D.C., has served me well in the U.S. Senate.

In the Senate, I have been a leading proponent of reducing the regulatory and tax burden on all businesses, but in particular small businesses. There is no stronger advocate for small business in the U.S. Senate today. Perhaps my greatest achievement was tenaciously insisting that 95% of Wisconsin and American businesses were not left behind in the 2017 tax bill.  Without me, only C-Corp’s – representing most of the largest and approximately 5% of all U.S. businesses – would have gotten a tax cut. That would have put the other 95% of America’s smaller businesses at a distinct competitive disadvantage. I didn’t let that happen.  

I also championed the Right to Try (RTT) legislation that allows terminal patients without any other options to try drugs that are not fully approved by the FDA. Most recently, a new drug, Zyesami, has been used under RTT to successfully treat end-stage COVID patients and save their lives.  

The significance of these two legislative achievements is hard to overstate, and few members of Congress have made a bigger positive impact on people’s lives. But there’s more.

As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, I passed approximately 300 bipartisan bills out of committee and shepherded 132 of them into becoming law. Among them were laws that created the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, addressed the malign use of drones, provided greater protection for federal whistleblowers, and forced greater transparency from government agencies.  

I also uncovered and exposed corruption in government using my committee’s investigatory jurisdiction. Our investigation of the Tomah, WI VA’s opioid over-prescription scandal led to the termination of the offending doctor, nicknamed “Candyman.” We uncovered Hillary Clinton’s backup servers and the FBI’s editing of James Comey’s exoneration statement. During our investigation of the FBI’s corrupt investigation of the Trump collusion with the Russian hoax, I obtained and made public the Peter Strzok/Lisa Page texts and uncovered the redacted footnotes to the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General’s (DoJ-OIG) FISA application investigation that showed the FBI knew the Steele dossier contained Russian disinformation.  

Finally, working with Senator Charles Grassley, we warned Americans of the foreign financial entanglements of Hunter Biden and the rest of President Biden’s family. The weak actions President Biden has taken regarding Russia and China only increase suspicions that one of Hunter Biden’s business partners, Tony Bobulinski, was correct when he said Joe Biden was “compromised.”

In addition to all these accomplishments as U.S. Senator, my work with Pastor Jerome Smith in establishing and operating the Joseph Project is perhaps most dear to my heart. This program has helped transform the lives of hundreds of people who were on the wrong path but decided to commit themselves to success. Unfortunately, Pastor Smith is no longer with us, but the Joseph Project, together with his legacy of tough love and bountiful compassion, lives on.

I have documented the above accomplishments (many of which I have detailed in other “Just the Truth” columns), not to brag and pat myself on the back, but because our nation is in peril and not allowing Democrats to take over this U.S. Senate seat is crucial. Elections are about choosing, but that choice should be made with accurate and truthful information. Currently, Democrats and their allies in the media are falsely attacking me, and engaging in the politics of personal destruction.  I have already had $70 million spent against me.  If we have any chance of winning the election, I will need to close the gap on spending and get the truth out.   

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