College Loan “Forgiveness”

Given his track record when it comes to following through on paying what he owes — whether that’s parking tickets or property taxes — we all know Lt. Gov. Barnes is on board with President Biden’s decision today to spike inflation by transferring student loan debt from borrowers to hardworking taxpayers in Wisconsin, two-thirds of whom don’t have a college degree.
A few other examples of the Lt. Gov. spending taxpayer money recklessly:

– Barnes racked up $600,000 in costs having the State Patrol act as his personal Uber service — a rate 50x what Rebecca Kleefisch spent on security.

– Barnes supports the Green New Deal, which would cost Wisconsin households $40,000 annually and dairy farmers as much as $2,000 per cow per year. 

– Barnes backed Gov. Evers proposal to raise the gas tax by as much as $1 per gallon, supported the recent Inflation bill that will raise taxes on everyone making more than $30,000, and has called for tax rates as high as 70%.

About the only thing Lt. Gov. Barnes doesn’t want money spent on is bail to keep violent criminals behind bars, so giving college borrowers a get out of jail free card and making taxpayers foot the bill is right up his alley!